The Un Grand OUI team

Casamento na françaUn Grand OUI™ is the alliance of two experienced French and American travel and wedding professionals, living in Provence for the past 17 years.

Our team is tri-lingual (English/French/ Brazilian Portuguese) and possesses the cultural and local knowledge and insight required to not only fully understand the demands of an international clientele but also to source and work with French vendors and partners, efficiently and effectively.

Julie enjoys using her creativity and eye for design to style a unique event for each couple. She values strong customer relationships and getting to know each couple individually. Julie is Un Grand OUI’s head Wedding Planner.

Laura enjoys offering her communication and travel experience and expertise to destination wedding couples. An acute awareness of the importance of paying attention to detail and providing reliable quality services are her signature marks. Laura is Un Grand OUI’s head Travel Planner.

Together, Laura and Julie are devoted to ensuring that every moment of your wedding in Provence lives up to your expectations.


Julie Goldenstein, Founder

Parisian-born and Provençale by adoption, Julie worked as a wedding planner in Miami for several years before returning to France in 2010 to open Un Grand OUI. Travel buff and true globe trotter, Julie travels the world over in search of new and outstanding wedding and special event venues.

Don’t rain on my parade…  “After two long years of planning and imagining my wedding day down to the smallest details, September 4, 2011 came. The weather forecast that morning announced an afternoon drizzle, but little did we know we were in for a deluge of extraordinary proportions! As guests began to arrive around 4 pm,  they fell immediately under the spell of our unique chateau setting, under a cloud-free perfect blue sky. Minutes later and less than an hour before showtime, the clouds opened their high-pressure faucet and a continuous downpour of rain suddenly drowned the meadow, the castle, the ceremony… in a matter of seconds. Drenched guests scurried frantically in every direction in search of shelter. Little did the RAIN know that we were ready for the worst-case scenario! Faster than a summer rainfall, ceremony chairs and decorations were set up inside a tent and the bucolic atmosphere was recreated indoors. The emotion at entering the tent and seeing the inside so perfectly set up and decorated by our wedding planner and friends was overwhelming, and is etched in my heart forever.” .

Laura Jullien, Founder

Like jazz, Laura was born in New Orleans, Lousiana. And, just like her Cajun friends, Laura’s roots are in France. After spending the first 18 years of her life in the United States, Laura followed her family to the south of France where she studied before returning to live and work in New York until 2004. Today, Laura, her Provençal husband and their two bilingual children enjoy life in Aix-en-Provence.

I married the same guy… twice! “In 2002, I married my boyfriend from Provence at Manhattan City Hall in New York. As a junior manager in a big company with less than a handful of vacation days to my name, I naturally didn’t even take the day off! When the civil ceremony was over (the shortest part of the event) and pictures were taken, my husband and I hopped onto the subway and went our separate ways at Grand Central Station. He headed home with my lovely wedding bouquet and a piece of pizza and I headed to the office, focused on finding a place to hide my change of shoes once I got there.

Three years later, we tied the knot a second time, this time with a full-fledged ceremony, reception and pre- and post- merrymaking to truly mark the occasion. Everything about our Provence wedding was bilingual and made by us, from the menus to the programs to the theme itself. Memorable moments include our bilingual (and bi-denominational!) ceremony at the beautiful St. Jean de Malte Church in the old city of Aix-en-Provence; being driven down the main avenue in a 1975 French “Diane” standing up through the sun roof and being applauded by all the passersby; eating sweet dark red cherries off the trees at our garden reception, and dancing all throughout the gorgeous warm night under a full moon. The next day was spent bathing in the Mediterranean sea with all our friends and family.”