L'Occitane weddings with Un Grand OUI

A L’Occitane wedding with un Grand OUI combines Un Grand OUI’s knowledge and experience in wedding planning with the quality and natural ingredients of L’Occitane en Provence’s beauty products.

A L’Occitane wedding organized by Un Grand OUI combines the talent and initiative of two companies who are proud to bring out the best of what their region has to offer.  Both offer products and services which are sensory rich, authentically Provençal and respectful of local culture.

While Un Grand OUI orchestrates your wedding ceremony and reception set amidst lavender or sunflower fields, olive groves or vineyards, L’Occitane en Provence can further enhance the wedding experience with unique guest favors, a themed beauty parlour, table centerpieces or other decorative elements.

Featuring the same flowers which are used in L’Occitane products, the theme of a L’Occitane wedding with Un Grand OUI can be inspired by such local themes as almond flowers or cherry blossoms in April, peonies in May, lavender and sunflowers in July, or olive branches in late summer.

L’Occitane wedding with Un Grand OUI is designed in harmony with the scents and flavors of Provence which are so exquisitely conditioned in the brand’s products. A visit to the L’Occitane factory in Provence can also be arranged before or after the wedding for a behind-the-scenes look at how the brand’s unique products are manufactured.

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