In Love in Lindos

Frédérique & Stéphane, June 14th, 2013, Wedding in Lindos, Greece

This gorgeous Greek haven of calm and beauty was the perfect setting for a wedding “blessed by the gods” as Frederique & Stephane’s was clearly meant to be.

Frederique was a no-nonsense bride who knew exactly what she wanted from the very start. When we shared with her our stunning and exclusive wedding spot in Lindos, on the island of Rhodes, she and Stephane were on board straight away.

With a bit of intervention from the Greek gods and a good dose of determination, even the French airline strike did not stop this couple and their group of 20 from getting to the island of Rhodes.

Frederique & Stephane had their civil wedding in front of St Paul’s Chapel, on the Bay of St Paul in Lindos. The bride arrived in traditional Greek island style, riding a donkey. The groom and his best men all enjoyed the short walk to the ceremony through the sinuous streets of the little white village. All guests wore blue and white to make for the perfect Mediterranean color scheme.

After a heartwarming exchange of vows and a few speeches to make us all teary-eyed, Frederique & Stephane left the chapel square light-hearted and happy, dancing to their favorite tune and off to embark on a boat which would take them to the most beautiful venue in Lindos for a magical soft evening under the stars and dining with a view over the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

Enchanted by the gourmet wedding dinner – Lindos’ finest – the group then headed into the village to dance the Greek night away.

……One year later, Frederique & Stephane wrote us to tell us that they would be returning to Lindos for their wedding anniversary to commemorate their special day…. And that Frederique had since given birth to a baby boy! A big congrats to the both of them, with love from Un Grand OUI as well as from Eros, Greek god of love…. :)

And hey that’s me there catching a ride Lindos style, thank you Pilou & Sheila! :)

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