A Wedding to Fly For

Wedding in ProvenceBeyond the uniqueness of celebrating a wedding in a faraway and culture-drenched destination, Un Grand OUI™ believes that there are as many different wedding styles out there as there are people. We believe that no two weddings are alike and we are committed to supporting the needs and desires of each couple. Un Grand OUI’s wedding packages are 100% customizable.

Stylish formal, gourmet chic, vintage and bucolic, rustic and environment-friendly, off-the-wall and unconventional…

Un Grand OUI’s vast knowledge and experience of the Provence region as well as our expertise in wedding and travel services, are a guarantee that your destination wedding in Provence will be meaningful and memorable. Un Grand OUI takes pride in working with the region’s most qualified and professional suppliers who speak English and who meet the needs of an international clientele with skill, care and patience. We do not work with just any photographers or just any venues, and we always strive to develop long-lasting and durable partnerships with each one of our preferred partners. Being reliable is the hallmark of our success and the guarantee that your wedding day will not only run smoothly but will exceed all expectations.