Destination Wedding Benefits

casamento na França

Still not sure a destination wedding is for you?

Un Grand OUI™ will work with your budget. Because we believe that a destination wedding is a great way to maximize efforts and share a celebration which is a reflection of your own dreamsand desires, we will be your financial orchestra conductor. In part due to the smaller scale of a destination wedding, theeconomic advantage of a destination wedding in Provence  is also the natural result of celebrating a wedding within such close proximity to some of the world’s most famous vineyards, olive groves, fruit orchards and produce farms. Gourmet food and drink are almost… commonplace.   Casamento no exterior

Include Your Honeymoon

Consider the financial advantages of combining your wedding with your honeymoon trip. Following your wedding in Provence, add a five-day stay in the French Riviera, a two-hour flight to Rome, Barcelona or any other of the numerous historic European cities within a stone’s throw of Provence to commemorate new beginnings. .